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Bayonne Veterinary Medical is a fully equipped, AAHA Accredited Veterinary Facility, providing comprehensive canine and feline care in our modern and welcoming hospital.If you have questions about our range of services, please call us or send us an inquiry.

Surgical Care

Bayonne Veterinary Medical offers a clean and well-equipped facility and experienced team to provide your pet with high-quality surgical care in a stress-free and relaxing environment.

Dental Care

Our veterinarians provide dental services including routine cleaning, polishing, digital dental x-rays, and surgical extractions to manage and treat severe oral disease conditions. .

Medical Care

Bayonne Veterinary Medical is a fully equipped, AAHA accredited veterinary facility, providing comprehensive canine and feline care in our sunlit and welcoming hospital.

Preventive Care

we provide a full range of preventive care services to help your pets live a longer, happier life and to increase the odds of detecting problems early, before they become severe and costly.


Laser Therapy

Also known as cold laser, low-level laser therapy is the use of light energy to stimulate tissue repair and provide pain management. The laser uses focused light of various wavelengths to stimulate tissue at and below the surface of your pet’s skin.


Owners are encouraged to schedule visits with their hospitalized pets during their stay with us.


Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into specific points on the patient to produce a physiologic response. Stimulation of acupuncture points affects the nervous system and can lead to an increase in circulation, decrease in muscle spasm and the release of chemicals which can decrease pain sensation and help regulate the immune system.


Our technicians always make sure that your pets receive nice and comfy Bath & Brush to maintain a healthy-looking coat, clean ears and trimmed nails.

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