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Rat Terrier, male, born on August 24, 2015 

"The first time I came to Bayonne Veterinary Medical I was 8 week old. I received my puppy vaccinations here. Dr. Mammas gave a thorough physical examination and made sure that I was healthy and happy. I had many incidents along the way. Growing up as a playful puppy, I ate a bag of chocolate and was bitten by a big dog. I always received prompt care and treatment from Dr. Mammas, who is knowledgeable, caring and very gentle to me. I enjoy trimming my nails here as well!" ... To learn more about Bulbasaur’s lifetime journey,
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Pit Bull, male, born on May 20, 2015

"I'm a rescue Pitbull and Dr. Mammas made me feel at home. I didn't like the food my dad was giving me because I have a sensitive stomach. Dr. Mammas recommended food that I found to be very tasty. I love going to dog parks to play and when I visit Bayonne Veterinary I get to see my friend Titan, the Labrador (he works at reception!)."



"I lived a very good life, but one day I got very sick. I was diagnosed with late-stage cancer. I spent my final days with Dr. Paul. He helped me deal with the pain and made me feel calm and relaxed. Thanks to Dr. Pavol and his expertise I am now a happy cat in pet heaven."

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